Due to significant public pressure, the City of Calgary is currently considering cancelling its planned 4.7% increase to the property... Read More

Christopher Ragan, an associate professor of economics at McGill University in Montreal and a research associate at the C.D. Howe... Read More

As the dust settled after the 2015 Alberta election, and as the Notley government announced destructive policy after destructive policy... Read More

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A couple years ago I released government documents showing there were lots of high-income people living in government housing in... Read More

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Tuesday’s Priorities and Finance Committee meeting at City Hall gave Calgary taxpayers a look into the crystal ball in terms of the... Read More

John Whittaker, 12/01/2016 - 17:00

While my role at the Manning Centre focuses on municipal issues, after seeing The Revenant this past weekend I felt readers of this blog... Read More

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The day after the 2015 federal election, Manitoba NDP Premier Greg Selinger suggested Progressive Conservative leader Brian... Read More

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Recently the Manning Centre hosted "Motus 2015" - a training retreat for young people from across Canada.

In conjunction with... Read More

The following are Preston Manning's remarks to the 2014 Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa (March 1, 2014)

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