Based in Calgary, the Manning Centre was founded in 2005 to support conservative and libertarian activists and ideas in Canada. Named after its founder, Preston Manning, the Manning Centre is an independent organization that believes in a limited role for government in our lives. We support the movement through three main activities:

Research: Most research is conducted through the Manning Foundation, a registered charity that falls under the Manning Centre trademark. The Manning Foundation primarily focuses on municipal issues (taxation, transportation, etc.) as well as democratic matters (barriers that prevent women from entering politics, public perception of elected officials in Canada, etc.) Visit our ‘research’ page to learn more.

Train: The Manning Centre offers training for activists within the movement as well as elected officials and their staff. Programs in this area range from short webinars to full online courses and on-site workshops. Topics cover the basics – such as how to run a campaign – to issue-specific educational videos for elected officials to consider. Visit our ‘training’ page to learn more.

Network: Each year the Manning Centre puts on the largest conference in Canada for conservatives and classical liberals – the Manning Centre Conference. This annual event provides grassroots volunteers, think tanks, academics, advocacy organizations, elected officials and others with an opportunity to network, learn new skills and discuss emerging issues. Visit our ‘conference’ page to learn more.


Annual Reports:
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Vision: “A freer, stronger, better-governed Canada”

Mission: “To strengthen the values, knowledge, ethics, skills, communication capabilities, and leadership capacities of Canada’s political participants who share our founding values and principles through research, training, and networking.”

Guiding Principles:

  • Maximize freedom, responsibility, and accountability
  • Pursue market-based solutions to public problems
  • Live within our means, fiscally and ecologically
  • Decentralize economic and political power through subsidiarity
  • Strengthen grassroots democracy and democratic institutions
  • Respect Canada’s cultural, religious and democratic traditions