The Manning Foundation is a registered charity that conducts research into municipal affairs and democratic issues in Canada. In addition, we fund the development of training courses that strengthen the knowledge, skills, ethical foundations, communication and leadership capacities of front-line participants in the democratic process. The Manning Foundation believes that Canadians share certain core values that, when properly applied to education and training programs, will strengthen Canada’s political leadership and encourage strong grassroots political participation and decision making:

  • Individual liberty, dignity and responsibility
  • Free markets, freedom of choice and limited government
  • Living within our means, both financially and ecologically
  • Respect for Canada’s cultural, religious and democratic traditions
  • Recognition of the relevance and limitations of science
  • Strong families and communities
  • Care for those who cannot care for themselves
  • Decentralized power and delivery of services
  • An informed and deliberate citizenry
  • Principled and prepared leadership

Click on the “training” and “research” tabs to learn more about our work. Note: Unlike the Manning Centre, the Manning Foundation is a registered charity and is restricted in terms of its partisan activities. Details concerning the financial information of the Foundation can be found on the CRA website.