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Training for Victory

From the comfort of your own home - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - you can now take a FREE online program in campaign management and earn the Manning Centre's Certificate in Essential Campaign Management!

Thanks to the generosity of our kind donors, conservatives across Canada can now learn everything you need to know about running a local campaign for FREE. From designing campaign brochures to getting out the vote, the 11 module program covers all the basics and prepares you to run a successful, effective, voter-facing campaign! 

Once you complete the modules, and pass the quizzes and final assignment, you’ll receive a Certificate in Essential Campaign Management; a great accomplishment to add to your political resume!

As part of our Training for Victory program, political training offered by the Manning Centre is available exclusively to conservative staff, candidates, elected officials, and volunteers.  To take the training, simply complete a brief information form, and we'll be in touch shortly with your registration information - click here