In 2016, the Manning Centre, in conjunction with the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District, launched the Democracy School pilot project.

As part of Campus Calgary/Open Minds (click here to learn more about the program), the Democracy School program helps provide school children with a deeper understanding of government, our democratic system and the importance of being an active citizen.

The non-partisan program is designed to empower students to think about how they can make their community, our city, and our country, a better place to live. Most importantly, the program aims to ignite a passion, pride and purpose in participating in the public decision making process.

In addition to learning activities at the Manning Centre facility, the Democracy School program provides students with an opportunity to explore our community through tours of historic sites and other community facilities (eg. local hospital, court house) that are in close proximity to the Manning Centre building (as well as a tour of the historic Manning Centre itself). Through these tours, students can learn more about the impact of historical decisions on Calgary today.



Mary-Ann Quist,
Site Director - Democracy School