While there are over 300 elected federal officials in Canada and approximately 800 elected provincial/territorial officials, there are more than 25,000 elected municipal officials. Historically, municipal governments (and their elected officials) have not been nearly as well served by think tanks, training programs and advocacy organizations as the other two levels of government.

The Manning Centre is working to change that.

The Manning Foundation, a registered charity that falls under the Manning Centre trademark, conducts applied research each year on a variety of municipal issues. You can view the Foundation’s work throughout this site and on its own dedicated website – click here.

In addition to training programs that help municipal politicians, the Manning Centre launched Common Sense Calgary as an independent non-profit society in 2014.

While Common Sense Calgary focuses on promoting constructive municipal policy ideas exclusively in Calgary, we plan to use the organization’s success as a template for helping to launch similar citizens’ advocacy organizations in other cities. To visit Common Sense Calgary’s website – click here.