When winning really matters, choose the Manning Centre.

The Manning Centre is the premier conservative training organization in Canada and offers unparalleled political and leadership training to candidates, elected officials, political staff, and volunteers.  Working in partnership with organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the Manning Centre delivers:

We are at the heart of Canada’s conservative movement, and we strive to help conservatives win elections at all levels of government.  Our Training for Victory political campaign training program connects conservatives from coast, to coast, to coast, with the very best trainers from both Canada and from around the world. More broadly, our Training for Leadership program offers a wide variety of non-partisan offerings on topics ranging from the Faith-Political Interface and K-12 democracy education, to Ethics in Politics and Financial Literacy.


The Manning Centre would like to thank its digital training partners for their support in the development of our training programs:


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*Political and Campaign training delivered by the Manning Centre through our Training for Victory program are available exclusively to supporters of the conservative movement.  You will be required to complete a brief application before access to these offerings is made available.

**Leadership and democracy training delivered by the Manning Centre through our Training for Leadership program are non-partisan and available to all interested individuals and groups.